Fresh, Tree Ripe Fruit From Our Farm !

Come visit PK Fruit Farms and pick our fruit right off the tree. Our orchards are located northwest of Reedley in eastern Fresno County, CA, about 35 minutes from downtown Fresno.

We grow two peach varieties -- Sun Crest and Elberta -- on 20 acres of prime farmland. Fruit on our farm is always ripened on the tree until it’s sweet and ready to eat.


Parry Klassen operates the farm with his wife Marcia and son Ezra. In the 1960s and 1970s, Parry’s family farm grew these same heritage peaches -- Sun Crest and Elberta -- that today are hard to find even at farmers markets.

The peaches grown at PK Fruit Farms are sold only at the farm. The 5.5 lb box on the left sells for $7.

Fruit From Our Farm
Current harvest schedules and prices: call 559-287-1441

Fruit Harvest Schedule
-- Sun Crest peaches: July 15-August 1 (estimate)

-- Elbertas peaches: August 1-20 (estimate)

For More Information
Call 559-288-8125



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